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Eagles HC was formed in 1958 and has since evolved into one of Gibraltar's premier sporting entities having won all local hockey competitions at different times throughout the years. 

The club has the unique distinction of having been Gibraltar's first ever representative club side in both the European Club Championships (Lyon 1972) and the European Cup winners' Cup (Barcelona 1990). The club prides itself in its traditional emphasis on youth, which has been instrumental in our men's and women's first team obtaining medals in European Championships and Club Challenges. 

The club continues to enjoy European participation every year as part of the EHF's Challenge competitions with our Men's team hosting the EHF Club Challenge II in 2022 and securing Gibraltar promotion to Club Challenge I. Our women's team is currently rebuilding and aiming to play in Europe over the next few years. 

Eagles HC is Gibraltar's biggest hockey club and the only team to field both men, women and youth sides within all local competitions for many years. 

Eagles have always been at the forefront of the development of hockey in Gibraltar having formed the first ever men's reserve side and first junior and ladies' teams. 

In 2020, and during the difficult COVID Pandemic, we also managed to start-up our youth hockey academy which now boasts over sixty boys and girls between the ages of six and fourteen and which we hope will secure the continued success of our club for many years to come. 

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